Contribute to a safe, secure, and affluent society through concrete

About NIPPON CONCRETE (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.

     NIPPON CONCRETE (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. is a Japan / Myanmar joint venture company by Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd. (NCI), a leading supplier of concrete products in Japan, and MA GA Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (MAGA), one of the most distinguished supplier of concrete products in Myanmar. Our first and new factory was designed and based on the state of art technology and expertise of NCI who introduced Japan First Pre-Stressed Spun Concrete Pole in 1951 and contributed largely in the establishment of “Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)” as “Centrifugal Reinforced Concrete Pole” in 1954.

     With NCI’s superb technology and MAGA’s marketing expertise and knowledge based on its 12 years’ experience in the concrete products market in Myanmar, NCMG is aiming to become the leading precast pole and pile manufacturer in Myanmar to contribute to the sound and equitable social and economic development of Myanmar. NCMG has a firm and strong commitment to contribute in the infrastructure development of Myanmar by providing more durable and sustainable poles and piles for electric power distribution, telecom network system and social infrastructure.

Certificate of Hornor

About NCI

    The Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1948 as a precast concrete manufacture, and in 1951, it introduced Japan-first Pre-stressed Spun Concrete Pole in place of Green Timber Poles which contributed largely in saving limited natural resources in Japan and enhancement of Japan’s economic growth as well as the standard of living. Later on, in 1954, its design and manufacturing & quality control procedures were standardized by “Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)” as "Centrifugal Reinforced Concrete Pole“. Ever since Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd. has always been a leading company in production capacity, technology and quality in Japan and its expertise has been even exported to U.S.A., KOREA, INDONESIA, THAILAND and MALAYSIA to contribute worldwide. Website: http://www.ncic.co.jp

About MAGA

    The MA GA Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in July 2004 and registered as a Manufacturing company in accordance with the Myanmar business and administration law. The Ma Ga Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formed by oversea trained technicians and Myanmar business men. The vision of the company is Application of Advanced Technologies in local methodology to supply quality products with locally affordable costs. Since the establishment, the company has been seeking the advanced technologies, which could be modified into local methodologies. Then the company introduced many advanced technologies related to pre-stressed and precast concrete products. Website: http://www.magamanufacturing.com/about-us/

Our Philosophy

  •  Our Mission

NC & MaGa contributes to creating safety and affluent society in Myanmar through an outstanding technology of concrete products.
  •  Our Vision

1. NIPPON CONCRETE (Myanmar) shall pursue to be the number one technology in Myanmar, and shall supply to our customers with fair price, the best quality and services which transcend the imagination of the market.
2. NIPPON CONCRETE (Myanmar) shall enhance the maximum ability from every employee, and provide them with work satisfaction and happiness.
3. NIPPON CONCRETE (Myanmar) values harmonious development with its environment and local society
  •  Our Value

Sprits of Challenge, On Going Innovations, Quality First, Sincerity and Confidence.

Company Outline

Company Name      NIPPON CONCRETE (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.

Head Office             4(A), Shwe Htan Pin Condominium, No.(23), Hton Ta Pin St, Yangon (Kamayut Township), Myanmar

Factory                     Plot No. 60, Kyauk Tan Industrial Area, Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar.

Established             May 29th, 2015

Representative       U Toe Hlaing / Managing Director

Activities                  Manufacturing and Marketing of Concrete Pole and Pile

Capital                     USD 5 million (NCI:60%, MAGA:40%)

Number of employees         71 (As of the end of June, 2017)

Our History

  May, 2015        Established <Myanmar Investment Commission’s permit No. 183>

  August, 2016   Finished Factory Construction <Phase 1>, Started Production

  June, 2017       Finished Factory Construction <Phase 2>, Grand Opening Ceremony